Dr.Scissors in a suit.

Electro Pioneer from the first wave of cult-label Elektrolux.
The sound of his music is described as cold & clear, romantic, cinemascope, epic, restless & wet.
His roots are
70ies electronic like the "Berliner Schule"
(Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream), glamrock and 80ies popmusic productions like from Trevor Horn & Thomas Dolby.
Producer of electronic music with full-length albums & vinyl on Elektrolux, Sony/S3, Superstition/TSF under aliases Dr.Scissors, Insect Jazz, Mobile Space Unit, Syrinx 2600 and Cracked. Collaborations with Andreas Kauffelt, Jammin' Unit, Khan, Kerosene and Xpando and his own works fuel over 100 releases.
Sound-designer for media-art-projects like "R111" between
Tokio, Paris, ZKM Karlsruhe and Documenta 12.
Live-performances & DJ-Sets include weddings in Sweden,
steelmills in Los Angeles, the Baikal Lake, Tokio fish market and "Grand Hotels" in Rome/Italy. Ambient, downtempo and straight beat/clubby ambitions are filed under his alter ego "Edgar 9000".